EXPOBIOGAZ 2020, friendly contacts and positive exchanges spell success at the renewable gas sector’s reunion!

11 September 2020

Lyon, September 11th 2020

The 9th edition of EXPOBIOGAZ, the benchmark national exhibition for the whole of the sector, jointly organized with Club Biogaz ATEE, drew to a close on the evening of 3rd September after two full days of stakeholders trading thoughts on the renewable gas sector’s core issues. It was the occasion for an impatient community to meet face to face once more and renew direct professional contact after a surreal hiatus.    
The impetus of the market and its players was in clear view among the exhibitors and brands present, who with a perfect balance of good cheer and professionalism took advantage of this exchange platform to get back up to speed with the continuing revolution.

This edition was more representative than ever of a sector in the throes of change, and it will without doubt have played an important part in assisting stakeholders and their business developments over the coming month.    
An example of this was the thirty or so well-attended conferences, where attentive audiences were able to engage in various talks and debates on overarching as well as topical renewable gas subjects.
Over its 2 days, EXPOBIOGAZ 2020 united and spotlighted the whole range of stakeholders, be they from industry, from institutions, or project initiators, drawn together by their thirst for sharing and exchanging ideas on market advances and innovations in preparation for the future.   



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One reason this edition went down so well was the many highlights and activities permeating the exhibition’s two days. Priority was given to concrete events at the service of the sector and its stakeholders. Various audiences discovered a sustained programme of conferences organized and run by Club Biogaz ATEE and Biogaz Vallée® or participated in the Exhibitors’ Forum.

The Agricultural Village was a bona fide venue for meetings and exchanges, staffed by farming council exhibition partners, where project initiators could seek advice and assistance with their agricultural anaerobic digestion projects. Jobs and training were also at the forefront in The Talents Forum.
Professionals therefore had the opportunity to enjoy many highlights that were both concrete and future facing, to learn, catch up, trade thoughts, and discover all the innovations and market trends.

by Expobiogaz & Biogaz Vallée®

In France, 500 enterprises and 700 anaerobic digestion plants have been listed as creators of unshiftable or near-unshiftable local jobs. Direct jobs are usually production centric, with indirect jobs being more involved with design, construction, energy, or organic recycling.

Some figures:

  • On average 3 or 4 direct jobs per installation linked to operation & maintenance
  • Up to 53,000 new jobs expected by 2030

(Sources : GRDF, Biogaz Vallée®, ATEE)

To address the sector’s current job and training issues, the Talents Forum, a tool created in 2019 with Biogaz Vallée® in partnership with emploi-environnement.com, took place once more this year at the centre of the exhibition with eight training bodies in attendance (EPL AGRO CFPPA DE LA MEUSE, EPL EFPA du Périgord, IREO Les Herbiers, the Industrial Resources Institute, ENSAIA (higher national college of agronomics and food industries) – UNIVERSITY OF LORRAINE, INERIS, CFPPA Agri Campus Laval, IUT Rouen – University of Rouen-Normandy).

This area, dedicated to training, skill enhancement, and recruitment issues, frequent stumbling blocks for market stakeholders, generated constructive discussions on these recurring topics and facilitated meetings between all the stakeholders.
As a development tool for the renewable gas sector, EXPOBIOGAZ also puts forward solutions for the global economic recovery, and the visibility afforded to these themes will enable new vocations and new meetings.

Job vacancies were posted on the Job Wall at the Talents Forum during the exhibition’s two days, and the continuous flow of visitors to this area gave rise to meetings and exchanges and many consequent contacts were made.
A special mention goes to candidates for training with EPL AGRO DE LA MEUSE after accepting special invitations from PÔLE EMPLOI GRAND EST and EXPOBIOGAZ.

These job seekers were received by Biogaz Vallée® at the Talents Forum and a long session was devoted to them. They received information on the stakeholders, opportunities, training courses, mechanisms, and job offers.

Despite the economic context related to COVID-19 and the special arrangements necessary to running the exhibition, the Talents Forum, created and organized by Biogaz Vallée® and GL Events in partnership with Actu-Environnement and emploi-environnement.com, once again kept all its promises! During these two days in Lille, we witnessed first-hand the energy of the anaerobic digestion sector, which is training future talents to make them more professionally operational and actively recruiting all over the country.

Grégory LANNOU, manager at Biogaz Vallée®

© Caroline Roques


Held on Wednesday, 2nd September, 2020

“Organizing this edition was a bit of a gamble but the exhibitors have turned out in force, the conference hall is full, and it all bodes well for the sector’s future!    
There have been difficulties in the sector, primarily in construction and commissioning, due to the abrupt halt earlier this year, but units already operating have not felt any real impact from COVID 19.    
Economic difficulties experienced during the pandemic have led the French and other governments to double down on their economic stimulus. Biogas and other renewable gases, as part of the energy renovation, will be well placed among the priorities. We should therefore seek a patch of blue sky among the clouds, so here’s one patch of blue for the sector.    

Price proposals for gas mains injection were submitted to the higher energy council, and as we feared, they have been decreased, but we had already factored that in. By contrast, we’ve had a pleasant surprise as regards gases from sewage treatment and waste disposal centres, which are set to continue receiving support from the powers-that-be.     
That breeds market optimism by mildly exceeding the energy plan’s provisions. We therefore hope that given the current context, the next energy plan will continue this flexible approach.

Our sector is going to develop further and must continue to enjoy government support, especially when the price of carbon remains under-valued with respect to its impact on the climate. The prospect of compulsory biofuel incorporation should also be good for the sector.
Renewable gases are, moreover, a cardinal component of the energy transition. Electricity can’t do everything, so it’s quite a reasonable proposition to continue relying on twofold energy transport grids, namely electricity and gas, as long as renewable or low-carbon energy is what’s being transported. Biogaz is perfectly at home in this logic.
This sector, still in its industrialization phase, will continue to develop; that’s why it’s vital to keep the exhibition going. It’s also in reality the exhibition of all renewable gases, because we don’t stop at anaerobic digestion but also encompass power2gas and pyrogasification. These different techniques, which now sit side by side at ATEE, have obvious synergies, be they regulatory, technical, or related to the supply or outlet chain.
EXPOBIOGAZ brings customers and suppliers together. Users and project owners can glean information from all the service and plant operators, and the whole community thus benefits.
Another big success has been our Innovation Research Days. It’s physical collaborative work where exchange is essential but more akin to research sharing with industry. The audience is more technical, but it’s essential that they liaise to achieve a future sector of high-performance biogases.

I think having a real physical exhibition is important, as it yet again shows us the solidity of the sector in a context of uncertainty, which is a very positive anchor point. We’re all here and I am especially happy with this edition!”

The exhibitors tell us about their 2020 experience

ExpoBiogaz is an all-important event for biogas stakeholders. Good quality relevant visitors, organizers who take care, an exhibition that’s full of interest but above all both humanly and professionally rewarding.
In brief, an unskippable date! We’ll be back next year and it’ll be a pleasure!

Cirrus Compresseurs



This was our first time at ExpoBiogaz as an exhibitor, and despite the understandable decrease in attendance compared with previous years, our stand was busy all the time. We therefore see the outcome of the 2020 exhibition as very positive. Furthermore, after a year full of teleconferences and videoconferences, it was quite a relief to be able to talk face to face with our many partners at the event!




This was Azola’s second edition of ExpoBiogaz as exhibitors, following on from an outstanding 2019 edition at which our company was named winner of the Innovation Award.
Despite the uncustomary circumstances we and everyone else find ourselves confronted with, we are extremely satisfied with the 2020 edition, be it with the attendance, the contacts made during the exhibition, the quality of exchanges, or the faultless organization. The event heralded our restart after the summer break and was our chance to catch up with all the parties involved in the sector, with whom we spent a great time.
Azola will definitely return for the 2021 edition in Metz, so see you next year!




The whole of the MAGMA Energy team was delighted to participate in this Lille edition of the exhibition. It was our first participation, and despite the difficult healthcare context, it has turned out a real success.
We seized on the occasion to meet our customers and potential partners.
As the main collective purchasing centre at the service of biogaz producers, we attended Expobiogaz 2020 for the opportunity to show off our know-how and the benefits generated across the whole sector.
We were also able to make real contact with collaborators who we have always dealt with at a distance, and it really helped consolidate our ties.
ExpoBiogaz 2020 has once again shown the resilience of the biogas sector in the face of the health crisis.
The barrier gestures were well observed and three cheers for the organization. You can already count on our presence at the next edition in Metz!

Magma Energy


We now offer biogaz sector stakeholders a date for the 2021 edition, which will be held at Parc des Expositions in Metz Métropole on 2nd and 3rd June, 2021.

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