Anaerobic digestates processed by Nereus

20 September 2017

More commonly used in sewage treatment and agri-food processing, Grundfos Biobooster rotary ceramic membranes have now found a new outlet through Nereus/AMT, who had the sharp idea of putting them in a unit for processing anaerobic digestates and liquid manure.

“In the early days, the cost of storing, transporting, and eliminating digestates from the anaerobic digestion process fell on the livestock farms and biogas producers. Now a new, more economical method has been developed, enabling breeders and biogas producers to do away with storage and transport,” explains Nereus/AMT director Emmanuel Trouve.

Requiring no added chemicals, this system operates by membrane filtration and is able to extract water from digestates for direct discharge into the environment. The residues can then be monetized in the form of fertilizer.

A robust filter unit

The filter unit came out of a partnership agreement between Nereus/AMT and Grundfos Biobooster. Jakob Soholm, director of Grundfos’s Biobooster division, adds that this application requires the membrane modules to be robust and capable of working in very high concentrations of biomass.

France and Luxembourg were the first countries to place orders, involving eighteen units for use in four planned biogas production plants. According to the Nereus/AMT director, farms and anaerobic digestion units are where the market lies in value recovery from liquid manure and digestate. “For less than 5 euros, this solution can process one cubic metre of effluent”, he concludes.


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