Connecting to the grid becomes cheaper thanks to Nicolas Hulot

22 September 2017

The deployment of renewable energy production installations is going to be made easier by the government, who will take over some of the connection costs.

The State is prepared to pay up to 40% of the cost of connecting biogas production installations to the grid. Renewable electrical energy will also be funded up to 40%. That’s the announcement made by Nicolas Hulot, France’s minister in charge of transition to ecology and solidarity, aiming to facilitate the country-wide deployment of biogas and renewable electrical energy.

In a press release, Hulot talks of his wish for more balanced deployment, including in rural areas far from distribution networks. The costs of connecting renewable electrical energy production to the grid or injecting biogas production into gas mains will therefore be considerably reduced.

In most cases the cost of connecting biogas output to natural gas distribution grids was originally borne by producers, which could cause problems in rural areas where biogas input materials are located a long way from the grid.

From now on, the government will pay up to 40% of the cost of connecting installations producing electricity from renewable sources, depending on the size of the project. This valuable aid is directed at small and medium installations.