2022 Testimonies


“This event sets out to bring sector stakeholders together and show them a certain number of innovations, measures, and procedures that can improve their performance and introduce them to unexplored paths.”

Gregory LANNOU, MD of Biogaz Vallée®

“This trade show occupies an important place in the French landscape. Moreover, it’s a show that changes venue from year to year, enabling it to show all the different regions the place held by anaerobic digestion and biogas and biomethane.” 
Jean-Philippe BURTIN, Biogaz Vallée® Chairman and MD of Borea

“Expobiogaz allows us to see our clients again and meet suppliers who contribute to and assist our clients’ project developments. We also see a lot of people who are figureheads of this biomethane ecosystem.” 

Gilles DOYHAMBOURE, Terega Commerce and regulation manager

“This trade show is a culture of ideas and shared experiences that gives us a clearer view, with anaerobic digestion being such a huge sphere!” 

Mathieu GUERIN, Project instigator

“Expobiogaz is a highlight of the year that brings together all the sector’s stakeholders.” 

Jonathan FRITSCH, BioRenGaz founder