Expobiogaz Trophy 2018 : CH4Process presents the Compression Biogaz GC65

04 May 2018


Among the 15 candidats at the Innovation Trophy, a jury of professionals has selected for you the most relevants products and services of the contest: the nominees. 

Discover in our actualities the detailled presentation of these innovations for the Innovation Trophy. Come and meet them at Expobiogaz 2018 !

Zoom on the company CH4Process (Stand H22)

CH4Process is a technical assistance company, specialized into biogas plant operations. We can manage all the required operations on existing plants: sale of specialized tools, studies, site works or even skids construction.


CH4Process presents the Compression Biogaz GC65




Presentation of the product

The GC65 is an explosive gases compressor of a very little size, with excellent energy performances as well as low budget price, allowing compression up to 10 bar of biogas (or other gas requiring an ATEX machine).

Advantages for the professionals

The GC65 displays a consumption with 0.1kWh/Nm3 around (either between 10 and 20% of consumption less than other models available for 25Nm3/h). Side robustness, the machine was improved to take into account the corrosive side of biogas.

Market evolution biogas: development of micro-methanisation with very small volumes to be purified (biométhane) or being used for mixing of the tanks. Development of PowerToGas with the construction of first pilots (around 20 Nm3/h)