Exhibitors FAQ

How to register for the show as an exhibitor?
We suggest you contact a project manager or you can fill the participation request.
What kind of visitors will I meet at the show?
Expobiogaz is a unique place for trading thoughts, identifying project initiators, catching up with farm managers, agri-food manufacturers, professionals from the transport or energy industry and local authorities.
Who can I contact to order an electrical connection, a technical service, additional parking cards?
What are mounting and dismounting dates?
Space only stand
  • Assembly :
Monday 6 June from 2pm to 8pm
Tuesday 7 June from 7am to 8pm


  • Dismantling : 
Thursday 9 June from 6pm to midnight 
Friday 10 June from 8am to 11am

Stands equipped  
  • Assembly :
Tuesday 7 June from 2pm to 8pm


  • Dismantling :
Thursday 9 June from 6pm to 8pm

IMPORTANT : Exhibitors are responsible for any damage they may cause during build up or dismounting of their stand. During the stand build up and dismounting times, exhibitors must supervise their stand continuously, either themselves or by hiring a security firm of their choice.
What are the architectural regulations?
Please read the architectural regulations to be respected. This document lists the standards for the presentation and layout of the stands established to ensure the smooth running of the show and optimum comfort. Before construction, each project must be submitted to the Architecture Department before the start of the show, which will authorize or not the realization on the site.


What is the fire safety regulation?
What are the show regulations?
Is the vaccine pass mandatory ?
Everyone's safety is our priority in order to guarantee you the best welcome for this show. To date, the vaccination pass is not mandatory.
However, the protocol is established on the basis of the latest recommendations from the health authorities, so it is scalable and will remain in accordance with the requirements issued by the latter.
We will therefore keep you informed of any changes that may occur.