2019 - New Holland - biomethane tractor concept (Favorite)

New Holland   

In France, New Holland is leading the tractors, combine harvesters and grape harvesters segments. Under the motto "Clean energy leader". 

Agricultural brand of CNH Industrial group, New Holland offers a vast range of ag machinerytractors, harvest equipment, soil cultivation tools and handling machines as well as advanced solutions to support automatization, decision making process and management of farm production. New Holland has developed over the last 15 years projects that help farmers to reduce their environmental footprint: Solution to harvest various industrial biomass crops, innovative solution to comply with stringent emission rules on diesel engines, calculation and reduction of the carbon footprint by wine producers, promotion of alternative fuels...

The innovation: the Biomethane tractor concept

The concept tracter offers a futuriste vision of ag tracts with a modern and expressive design tha integrates crucial functional features like an increased fuel capacity required by the use of CHG in order to meet the autonomy expected by farmers.

The largely glassed cab brings to the driver a unique panoramic vision that enhances the safety, the driver's comfort and ease of operation. All tractor's control are grouped around a simplified armrest and a screen positioned in the steering wheel's fixed hub. This choice offers a perfect view on all essential information whatever the adjustment of the steering columns. Addional screens are located in the ceiling. They give the opportunity to access all services related to a largely connected tractor: accurate precision farming services, weather forecasts, commodity prices... The Bio-CNG engine technology is shared with other CNHi division in passenger vehicle (Iveco Bus) as well as heavy good vehicle (Iveco). Il brings the same performance as its diesel equivalent while dramatically reducing the emission (PM and Not) and being virtually carbon neutral when using Bio-CNG. A farming business running an AD plant get access to its energy independence whatever its production model.

In case of cogeneration, purifying and excess of biogas over the quota of injected electrical power makes it possible to produce a clean and economical fuel.
In case of injection in the grid, the fuel is already at hand's reach. Like in the industrial vehicle application, the CNG solution is not only environmentally friendly, it's also economically relavant as the initial extra cost is largely compensate by lower running costs. In association with its fueling station, the Biomethane tractor concept offers to the farming business additional incomes and gives the opportunity to all members of a rural territory to access the clean and local duel for their mobility requirements.  

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