21 September 2021

EXPOBIOGAZ, the benchmark French gathering on gas renewables organized jointly with Club Biogaz ATEE, took place this year on 1st and 2nd September in Metz. And it kept all its promises by enabling all the sector’s stakeholders to meet up and trade thoughts on their current and future projects. Over its 2 days, EXPOBIOGAZ unified and highlighted all stakeholders—industrial companies, project owners, and representatives of institutions alike—brought together by a hunger to share, to discuss market advances and innovations, and to prepare their tomorrows.

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For the exhibition’s 10th edition, the venue was Metz, at the heart of a buoyant, go-ahead area. Since 2018, the Grand Est region has led France both in the number of installations (CHP + grid injection) and in the installed power (grid injection) of anaerobic digestion plants, while since 2020 it has reserved more grid injection capacity than any other region. At 31st March, 2021, Grand Est boasted 179 digestion plants running in CHP mode for a total installed power of 82MWe, along with 47 digestion plants in grid injection mode totalling 976 GWh/year of maximum output.

Florence Rousson-Mompo, Expobiogaz and Green Tech+ division manager

“I’m overjoyed by the restart of our core activity and the positive impetus we met with at Expobiogaz. We at GL events have not the slightest doubt that trade shows are more vital than ever as key frameworking tools geared to the dynamics of the economic restart plan. Expobiogaz demonstrated—if ever it was necessary—its ongoing importance as the cardinal gathering of renewable gas stakeholders in France. I want to thank our partners, exhibitors, visitors, and all those who kept faith with us. I make a date with them here and now for 2022 in Bordeaux!"

This first Metz edition brought together almost 20 partners from the institutions and 221 exhibitors and brands who displayed their renewable gas production and monetization solutions to the sector’s professionals and to the many project initiators, most of them from the Grand Est and Ile de France regions. It also gave the sector’s stakeholders a collective opportunity to trade their opinions and ideas on development prospects arising from the recent “Climate and Resilience” Act passed by the French Parliament on 20th July. This Act’s inclusion of an extra-budgetary mechanism for funding biomethane constitutes a real step forward in developing the whole sector and confirms the major role French anaerobic digestion is being counted on to play. This framework will trigger a new development phase for the sector, reversing a big slowdown in projects prompted by the lowering of regulated purchase prices. A step in the right direction for biomethane’s ability to fully contribute to the 2050 carbon neutrality objective.


“For the TotalEnergies team, EXPOBIOGAZ 2021 was a fantastic platform for trading thoughts and connecting with market shareholders, some of them old friends! A first of its kind and a win for TotalEnergies. We’ll be back for sure next year in Bordeaux!”     

Olivier Guerrini, Biogaz BU Manager, TOTALENERGIES

"Another great edition of EXPOBIOGAZ. By maintaining its focus on biogas-related activities year after year, EXPOBIOGAZ asserts its position as the go-to gathering in the sector. A dynamic exhibition that yet again this year enabled us to expand our network, generate some really interesting exchanges, and seal new partnerships. Here’s looking forward to 2022 for an edition we hope will be just as full of encounters!"

Cecilia Faivre, Marketing & Communication Manager, GRS VALTECH 

“Ovalie Tech’s first participation and a big success! It was the opportunity to demonstrate our proficiency to project owners and we seized it with both hands, giving anaerobic digestion majors an insight into our DOMMS® software suite, whose simplicity of use and realism completely won over the visitors to our stand.” 

Charline Tixier, Communication Executive, Ovalie TECh

“We are totally satisfied with our first attendance as exhibitors at EXPOBIOGAZ. We are especially delighted with the interest shown in Methan’Up, our anaerobic digestion solution developed in conjunction with our partner “Top Industrie”. This solution facilitates value recovery from the CO2 in synthetic methane and proves that EXPOBIOGAZ is about all renewables, not just biomethane.
In a new context of reduced grid injection prices and changes in ICPE environmental guidelines, we also made many contacts that will be very useful in our continued development of anaerobic digestion projects.

Stéphane Touche – Chairman and Development Director – URBEEZ


For some years now the biogas sector has been burdened with recruitment and training issues. 
In France, 500 businesses and 700 anaerobic digestion plants have been listed as creators of necessarily local or at least difficultly relocatable jobs. These direct jobs are generally tied to plant operation, whereas indirect jobs are more to do with engineering, construction, energy, and soil reintegration. The count to date is nearly 4000 direct jobs in France; by 2023, that total could rise to 53,000 jobs created in the sector. 
(Sources: GRDF, Biogaz Vallée®, ATEE)

In order to assist the sector in promoting the value of biogas trades, to publicize existing training courses, and to facilitate recruitment, Expobiogaz and Biogaz Vallée® teamed up in 2019 to create the Talents Forum. This scheme dedicated entirely to jobs and training enables recruiters, training centres, and professionals seeking improvement to meet up and talk about future job vacancies, training courses, and trades under stress.

This year’s Talents Forum met with resounding success. It brought many recruiters face to face with candidates thanks to the 70 job offers posted on the Job Wall and the six training centres present at the forum during the exhibition’s two days:   

  • EPL AGRO CFPPA DE LA MEUSE (ongoing training institute)
  • EPLEFPA DU PERIGORD (agri school)
  • CFPPA AGRICAMPUS LAVAL (livestock specialist school)
  • ENSAIA (higher college of agronomics and food insdustries) – UNIVERSITY OF LORRAINE 

EPL AGRO CFPPA DE LA MEUSE took further advantage of its presence at the exhibition to hold its award ceremony for students gaining its Certificate of agricultural anaerobic digestion plant management specialization and its University diploma in anaerobic digestion plant implementation.

“For 3 years now, the Perigord EPLEFPA has taken part in the Talents Forum, Expobiogaz’s Jobs & Training event. A training centre like ours can’t afford to miss such a big highlight in the sector: it's our chance to make people familiar with the CS RUMA (Certificate of Specialization in agricultural anaerobic digestion plant management) that we have been issuing for two years; it’s also our chance to keep pace with the sector’s latest news, to meet our partners, to trade thoughts with our fellow trainers, to expand our network of professionals. Globally, the Talents Forum meets a real need to bring job vacancies and training offers to the same table as candidates interested in this sector.”

Carine Dumas-Larfeil - CS RUMA manager - Dordogne CFPPA

“These two days are very important in the creation and consolidation of the sector’s emerging network. The talents forum and the work done between our 3 CFPPAs hasn’t gone to waste: two contacts were made in the Greater West of France who plan to begin training at Laval.”

Jean-François Raimbault - training manager and officer - CFPPA Agri Campus Laval 

See also the video interview with Biogaz Vallée® director Gregory Lannou by clicking here


Plant operators and project initiators alike were able to take part in an especially rich programme this year, notably by way of a dedicated area called the Agricultural Village, where they were able to meet with the main agricultural institutions, get answers to their questions, and seek individual advice on their future projects. 
The Agricultural Village workshops, organized and run by the Grand Est Chamber of agriculture, the French national chamber of agriculture, the Association of French methane producing farmers (AAMF), France gas renewables, the National federation of farming equipment user cooperatives (CUMA) and the National Association of agricultural and rural development (TRAME), facilitated exchanges and feedback among farm owners, farmers, livestock breeders, and wine growers. 
The latest edition enhanced its programme with a new feature specially aimed at agricultural project initiators: dedicated visit circuits.     
Specific guides to help visitors make the most of their exhibition and identify the right suppliers and solutions for their projects. Five theme circuits were devised and offerd to visiting agricultural project initiators. 

Also on the programme was participation in two site visits to anaerobic digestion plants, organized by Biogaz Vallée for the eve of the exhibition. These visits met with real success and were enjoyed by almost 50 participants. It was a chance for them to discover key agricultural anaerobic digestion installations in the region:

  • SAS AMDPB: Collective of 5 farmers – Boulay Moselle (Moselle dept.)
  • SAS Méthanisation Seille Environment: Collective of 24 farmers – HARAUCOURT-SUR-SEILLE (Moselle dept.)

“At EXPOBIOGAZ, a lot of people with anaerobic digestion projects came to our stand to make enquiries and seek information and contacts for furthering their plans. Farmers with operational plants dropped by to ask questions—notably on the changing regulations—and to meet colleagues from other French regions. Then there were the conferences and workshops on subjects like social acceptability, funding, new outlets, etc., where experts talked expert talk and farmers recounted their experiences. EXPOBIOGAZ is an excellent opportunity to meet all the sector’s stakeholders under one roof.”

Christophe Leschiera - Communication Manager - Trame AAMF


Since 2014, the Pyrogasification Club has worked to favour the development of pyrolysis along with gasification processes for biomass and non-recyclable waste, all aimed at diversifying value channels—thermal, CHP, grid-injectable synthetic methane, hydrogen, biofuels, biochar, etc. 
The Pyrogasification Club is a uniting force for the main French pyrogasification stakeholders across the whole value chain. 


  • To structure and run a platform of collaborative exchanges
  • To make stakeholders’ voices heard by the powers that be 
  • To inform and to give greater visibility to the sector, its stakeholders, and its projects

Expobiogaz, the exhibition for all gas renewables, reserved a place of honour for pyrogasification this year, with dedicated conferences on this subject as well as an Exhibition Village that accommodated the Pyrogasification Club along with four member companies :

  • Careco (Neoelectra group) 
  • Chemlix
  • Energy & +
  • Hymoov  

Madeleine Alphen, Executive officer of Pyrogazeification Club ATEE

“Pyrogasification is something of a new subject at Expobiogaz. We are therefore delighted with our welcome to both the exhibition and the gas renewables world. Professionals have shown a lot of interest—this sector is generating some serious interest! They want to understand how it will fit into the future energy landscape. We’ve had a lot of interesting discussions at all levels. There are several issues at stake for today’s pyrogasification stakeholders: first of all, there’s a familiarity issue, with a lot of work to be done on that front to get this sector better known and understood in France, since it’s not necessarily an easy concept to grasp. We also have some non-negligible funding issues—the Club works daily to obtain support that will enable projects to emerge and develop, so the sector can gain traction and begin constructing its first industrial units. The demonstration phase is now behind us and validated; all we need now is a leg-up to get launched and drive the sector upwards.”


EXPOBIOGAZ 2022 is scheduled for 8th and 9th June next year at Bordeaux’s Parc des Expositions. With a local impetus backed by the region, which plans to achieve 30% green gas by 2023 and 100% by 2050, Nouvelle Aquitaine has very high anaerobic digestion potential. 

Nouvelle Aquitaine’s green gas production potential easily exceeds the region’s needs both now and in the future. 

Thanks to big savings in current gas uses, this resource could fulfil both the “traditional” demand, namely residential, service sector, and industry, and then almost 50% of the final energy consumed in the transportation sector (11.5TWh), especially road haulage.
The region could therefore be self-sufficient in renewable gas by 2050 by mobilizing all its methane capable resources and 20% of the region’s wood energy resources.
In 2050, a mesh of 830 green gas production units—more than 5 units per interurban community—will cover the regional territory. Of these, 730 will involve anaerobic digestion, 67 gasification, and 35 Power2Gas
The Nouvelle Aquitaine Region has made green gas a priority, as witnessed by the implementation of support measures as long ago as 2012.

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Download here the press release in pdf