How to secure your construction site with huge video quality

06 July 2021

You got a construction project and you ask questions to secure it?
You want to keep it totally 24/24 secured, without to be disturb every 10 minutes by wrong detection?
You want to have the best available solution, without enter into a 5 years contract, because your construction site progress and your vision too?

We got an exclusive solution to address perfectly your need…

The Guardian is the best custom-made solution for:

  • 24/24 security on construction site with high quality video (27 times more detailed than conventional solution with battery) 
  • A cover larger (3 times more protected cover)
  • A great design flexibility from its military technologies: long range radio, lithium battery, wide temperatures 
  • Disturbing proof, with artificial intelligent, which filters animals, vegetation, and finds intruder even if they are partially hidden.
  • Free hand, without several years contract.

Over and above theses points, to get an optimized construction site, you need to think to physical notions (edge), electronics (alarm) and also electrical: a quick delivery of electrical transformer and its entry into service, can really improve considerably the security, with lighting spots, and get option to move from a transitional security to a real, accurate, intelligent, complete and more performing security solution.

That is why, we create a check-list of main and essentials aspects to be considered.
You can get it free, to be more prepared on your future project, efficiently.

Click on the link or scan QR code to download your free security checklist.