GRDF, essential partner with local authorities

17 June 2020

GRDF is the leading manager of natural gas transmission networks in France

GRDF distributes natural gas each day to more than 11 million customers to ensure that they have gas when they need it, regardless of their supplier.

This convenient, affordable, comfortable, and modern source of energy enables people to:

  • heat their homes,
  • cook,
  • and get around.

To provide this public service, GRDF builds, operates, and maintains the largest transmission network in Europe (201 716 km) and develops it in more than 9,500 municipalities while ensuring the safety of people and property, as well as high-quality distribution.

Gas is a modern, available, economical energy, more and more respectful of the environment

With the rise of green gas, a renewable gas produced locally, the gas network is an essential link in the ecological transition. GRDF is an essential partner with local authorities to support them towards carbon neutrality through their choices of energy policies and sustainable mobility.

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