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RISA is a French manufacturer of machines dedicated to Aerial and Underground networks

Presentation of the machine on display: RT 300 VS

300 HP Cummins Stage 5 Powertrain

Equipped with a slicing tool that can open from 22 to 40 cm wide and 1.50 m deep, an offset of 80 cm and a corrector of verticality to have a trench always upright.

Our range of slicers has three models from 200 hp to 400 hp and can open from 16 cm to 90 cm on a depth of 2 meters.

Our RT 200 is more dedicated to fiber network construction, thanks to its very compact size and weight.

The RT 300 is very versatile in size and performance

The RT 400 is the ideal model for pipelines, gas water supply, etc. and can even be controlled by a 3D system.




The Paddle Depacker Roadshow is a complete food waste depackaging unit, built on a trailer. The trailer is equipped with complete Paddle Depacker system, handling up to 30 m3 material per hour. Including 4 m3 twin screw, feeding hopper. The system is up and running in less than 1 hour and with the Roadshow 2.0 no power is needed from the customer side.

The Paddle Depacker is designed to separate the organic material from the packaging and delivers a very clean organic output that is extremely suitable for use in biogas installations. The machine is able to de-pack a wide variety of food waste and produces a very clean organic output (> 99,5% clean!) as well as the cleanest packaging fraction in the market.