Agricultural Village, a dedicated area to farmers

A real place for exchanges and meetings, the Agricultural Village brings together the Agricultural Federations, partners of the event, to help you in the implementation of your agricultural methanisation project.

  • Take advantage of personalised advice to manage your projects: technical solutions, financing, feedback...
  • Participate in the round tables and benefit from feedback from experts and Farm-based biogas production

2021 program coming soon...

In partnership with:


Throwback to the 2019 program:

  • Supply of methanizer
    Focus on the production of "CIVE": Zoom sur la production de CIVE: Technco-economic and biodiversity 
  • "METHAPERO AAMF/FEBA" for the Farmer on the FEBA's stand 
  • Professionalization of the agricultural anaerobic digestion sector
    Focus on the AAMF charter, FEBA process, The Haut-de-France agricultural methanizer group
  • Recovery of the digestate
    Focus on agronomic tests and specifications
  • Collective
    Focus on the creation of collectives and sanitary approval 
  • "METHAPERO AAMF/FEBA" for the Farmer on the AAMF's stand 
  • Appropriation locale des projets et externalités positives 
    Focus on the guide "Pilote your anaerobic digestion project Zoom sur le guide pilotez votre projet de méthanisation in connection with the actors of your territory 


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