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Delta Trailers


Wheel loader CLAAS : TORION 1511
The TORION 1511 is a wheel loader with 15 tons of operating weight and 11 tons of tipping load.
It is equipped with a 167hp DPS engine, positioned at the back of the machine. The VARIPOWER transmission, positioned under the cab, allows maximum productivity. The unique location of the engine and the transmission allows optimal weight distribution.
The excellent weight/power ratio of this combination allows the machine to have a maximum productivity in all loading activity or silo packing and a low fuel consumption.
The TORION 1511 is equipped with SMART LOADING to optimize loading / unloading operations and thus simplify the driver’s work.
The TORION cabin is modern and ergonomic with comfort and security for long and intensive working days.
Machine maintenance is easier due to simplified access to components and filters but also thanks to centralized lubrication.
Delta Trailers
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Mercedes-Benz Unimog

UNIMOG is an iconic vehicle designed to be easy on and off the road.
It comes in two variants : one specialized as an implement carrier (UGE) and the other for extreme off-road (UHE).
For more than 70 years, this versatile vehicle has inherited all of Mercedes-Benz’s expertise.
The Unimog presented at Expo Biogaz 2020, is a UGE equipped with a mowing unit with high-performance export.
The design of its subframe allows rapid change from one tool to another (example: installation of a tipper, a vacuum sweeper, a salt spreader, etc.).
This tool holder exists in 2 or 3 places, with several wheelbases (2800 to 3900 mm) and powers (190 to 300 hp), equipped with numerous hydraulic and transmission possibilities (working gears, hydrostatic, ...).
Depending on your interest, the Unimog UGE is available in truck (Vmax 90 km / h) or agricultural tractor (Vmax 80 km / h) registration.
Find all the information concerning UNIMOG here.

New Holland - T6.180 Methane Power
For the first time in France, the T6.180 Methane Power from New Holland will be displayed in its final version ready to be sold from 2021. This is the first agricultural tractor running on CNG / bio-CNG that offers the same performance as its diesel equivalent while dramatically reducing emissions. When using bio-CNG, CO2 emission a almost equal to zero as the fuel is derived from crops that catch the atmospheric CO2 trough photosynthesis. Full availability is planned in 2021 and a limited batch will be placed on French farms by the end of 2020.



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