Who organize?

GL events Exhibitions Opérations

With 200 events organized worldwide for professionals and the general public alike, GL events Exhibitions Operations has acquired unparalleled know-how in the business of organizing trade shows, a trade which requires ever more exacting skills in marketing, communication, and organization while staying close to the people in its markets. The Expobiogaz exhibition is organized by the GeenTech+ division, which also manages 8 other major gatherings: BePOSITIVE, HyVolution, Horizonia, Eurobois, Paysalia, Rocalia, Piscine Global Europe, Open Energies. 

About Greentech +

GreenTech+ is a new GL Events group division - a unique approach created from synergies between other shows all focused on vital themes : ecological innovation and sustainable development.

With GreenTech+, GL Events group wants to take positive action in meeting the major environmental issueswith a singular response which unites and provides enhanced visibility to future-oriented sectors.

Our ambition is two-fold - to create business opportunities for exhibitors and visitors and to build a platform for an international network promoting discussions between everyone activein the field. These shows target public authorities and all the people for whom energy transition is strategic in their value creation.

We support the adaptation economic players to the current and emerging ecological challenges and the large-scale deployment of innovative solutions.

GreenTech+ is the booster to this new GL Events group division that commits to accompany all sector professionals in their development, seek innovative solutions for tomorrow's world and encourage people to behave in a more environmentally responsible manner.

Club Biogaz ATEE​

The ATEE (Association technique Énergie Environnement) is committed to develop energy control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The goal of the association is to encourage higher energy control in companies and local authorities, and help energy users to understand which actions are able to save and handle energy in a better way. 

The ATEE counts more than 2 200 members and is organized in 6 clubs: 

  • Cogeneration Club
  • C2E Club
  • Biogas Club
  • Energy storage Club
  • Power-to-gas Club
  • Pyrogazeification Club

With its regional delegations, the association organizes every year nearly 40 days information and technical visits around France.