Success for Biogas in France

18 September 2017

The Energy Shift Ministry’s study makes it plain: the biogas market is continuing to grow along with electricity production and injection capacity.

The first quarter figures for 2017 reveal this electricity production and injection capacity to be relentlessly increasing, now in the order of 37 GWh per year and working its way up to a total cumulative yearly capacity of 533 GWh.

Moreover, we can observe a significant year-on-year increase in the number of installations able to produce and inject biogas. Over the last quarter, biomethane production rose 13%.

This report also points out a progression in biomethane-fuelled electricity production: 10MW of new installations connected to the grid in the first six months and 5MW in the second. The electrical power output from these 519 biomethane-fuelled installations as a whole was around 405MW.

As things stand, the Grand Est, Hauts-de-France, and Ile-de-France regions are those with the largest concentration of installed capacity and account for 54% of the injected volume. There are however still some 300 projects awaiting the green light.

France is slowly but surely starting to privilege biomethane production and its injection into the grid, as well as its use in conventional power stations.